Monday, February 20, 2017

The Uncluttered Path

Much of my work for this blog mainly deals with digging through various sites just to find music that is available for electronics and brass ensemble. I finally had some luck in discovering a piece titled, The Uncluttered Path by Jeff Beal.

Jeff Beal
is known best for his more commercial work and has written scores for notable shows such as House Of Cards, Rome, and Monk. He started out as a jazz trumpet player and recording artist, but quickly shifted towards composing during his studies at Eastman School of Music.

The Uncluttered Path (2001) was commissioned by the Corning Corporation for their 150th Anniversary and was premiered by the Prism Brass. It has four movements:
I. Dawn of The New Day
II. Permanence of Change
III. Fathers And Sons
IV. Illumination

There aren't any youtube recordings, but you can listen to the whole movements here by scrolling through the page to where the piece is located.

The first two movements are just brass alone, and the electronics are introduced near the end of the third. In my personal opinion, the electronic music isn't the most compelling, sounding very reminiscent to some of T.V. theme songs from the 1990's. Reading Rainbow is one of the first that comes to mind. Nevertheless, it is nice to see that music has been composed for this type of ensemble!

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