Monday, April 24, 2017

Cupcake: My Commissioned Work

So while researching about EBM, I have noticed that the biggest problem surrounding electronic brass music is the extreme lack of options. There are not a lot of pieces written for this type of ensemble, and the works that are written are not well publicized.

In an effort to improve this, I recently commissioned a work from Zach Meier for Horn and Electronics called Cupcake. Probably my favorite part of the piece is its name, but besides that I wanted a work that was melodic and included a section inspired by EDM.

Zach did just that by creating a piece that was a fusion of academic and popular use of electronics. The beginning and end feature abstract soundscapes while the horn does some extended techniques and plays drones that compliment the electronics. In the middle, there is a more upbeat EDM inspired section, where the horn takes center stage improving melodically over the electronic accompaniment.

This work has yet to be recorded, but will be premiering this Friday at 7:30pm in 2451 Voxman!


  1. will you be pairing this performance with cupcakes for comparison? I'll take the one in the picture please!