Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Listening Party: Part 3

Today in class we had another listening party! Here is a sampling of some of the works played...

Symphony for Brass and Percussion by Alfred Reed

Alfred Reed (1921-2005) was a prominent American composer, who approximately 250 works in his life time including many notable works for band and chamber ensemble.  His Symphony for Brass and Percussion is a staple work in the realm of brass ensemble literature and a pleasure to listen to.

Shadowcatcher by Eric Ewazen

This is a four movement work for brass quintet and wind ensemble. This piece in particular is special to me in because I was able to be part of the recording for the cd, Shadowcatcher (2013) with the Western Brass Quintet and Western Michigan University Wind Ensemble.

Madding Crowd by Lansing McLoskey

This is a piece where each movement features a different instrument and was commissioned for the Triton Brass. It's a new age piece featuring a lot of variety and unique use of rhythm and improvisation. The video below is of the third movement, which features the horn.

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