Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Timmy Trumpet Deception

Originally I was looking forward to blogging about the music of an EDM artist named Timmy Trumpet. However upon discovering his music, I noticed one very important thing... he rarely ever plays trumpet in any of his music, and when does play trumpet it is prerecorded and altered with filters.
This brings up the point that although the majority of brass players are honest about their abilities and playing, there are some that use an instrument as a gimmick. These artists try to find a way to set themselves apart from the rest, even if it means lying about their abilities.

Below is one of his most famous tracks, Freaks by Timmy Trumpet and Savage. This has about 30,000,000 views on youtube, and is quite discouraging because it features a "trumpet" midi that doesn't even sound like a trumpet.

It goes to show you that just because your DJ name includes an instrument does not necessarily mean you can play it...

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  1. don't hate bro. Clearly trumpet Timmy has figured out the right formula for commercial success. I'd love to collaborate sometime. Maybe you could start your own group, French horn phantom? you can keep that one! Cheers.