Saturday, April 15, 2017

Steve Bryant's Electroacoustic Music

Steve Bryant is a notable composer in the music world today and has composed works for a variety of ensembles including wind ensembles, orchestras, and brass bands. He studied composition at Juilliard, University of North Texas, and Ouachita University.

As of now he has composed approximately 7 works in the realm of electroacoustic music, and although he has not written anything specifically for a brass ensemble and electronics, he has heavily used winds and brass within his electroacoustic works. I personally appreciate that he maintains sense melody and tonality when working with electronics. I also enjoy the way he blends the electronics in with the acoustic instruments, which can often be difficult to balance.

Two of my favorites include...
Hummingbrrd (2012) for Euphonium and Electronics

Ecstatic Waters (2008) for Wind Ensemble and Electronics

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