Thursday, April 13, 2017

JacobTV and his works for brass

One student in our class presented a trombone quartet titled "Jesus is Coming" by JacobTV and it made me want to look more into this composer's bio and works.

JacobTV is definitely a person of notoriety in the realm of electronics and music. Considered to be a dutch "avant pop" composer, he started as a rock musician and studied electronic music and composition at the Gronignen Conservatoire.

JacobTV has a collection of works that he has labeled as boombox repertoire. These works are written for live instruments and a groove based back track. They often incorporate speech and have the vocals create a rhythmic groove that the ensemble plays along with.

He has written for all sorts of ensembles and instruments ranging anywhere from voice to harp. Below is one of his works for trombone and tape titled, "I was like wow!" performed by Jorgen van Rijen.


  1. Jacob TV is a new composer for me and his writing is fresh and unique. He has taken the Steve Reich concept of writing pitches for instruments on recorded speech patterns to a new level. If you haven't experienced Reich's "Different Trains" I would encourage you to do so. It is interesting to see how composers influence one another and develop ideas as technology improves.

  2. He's got some very unique compositions and I'm considering performing his piece "Close Fight" on trumpet. Could also be performed as a trumpet and trombone duet with the video